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How To Choose A Hiking Sock?

When choosing a hiking sock there are a few things to consider, start by understanding what you want the sock to do. Do I want the sock to keep me warm, wet or dry? Do I need a mid-weight hiking sock, that is designed for cold weather or extreme conditions or a light weight hiking sock for warmer climates. Some socks are made of wool or a wool blend, wool naturally wicks moisture away to help you stay dry and comfortable.

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What Makes A Great Work Sock?

When most people start looking for a tough high quality work sock, it normally means they are tired of buying the lower quality work socks that cause discomfort in your feet blisters, sweaty feet and feet odor. At Elder Hosiery our goal was to make a work sock that was high quality, built tough and cushioned for comfort.

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The Huskie Sock is an extreme cold weather sock made by Elder Hosiery and it was actually tested on the Adirondack Trail in Alaska as a dog sledding sock. We also have cold weather socks that have been tested, worn and approved by our very own US military. If you are looking for a sock to entrap heat that aids in the regulation of core body temperature, a sock that will limit excess sweating and keep you dry or sock that will protect from the dangers of hypothermia in the coldest of winters Elder Hosiery has a high quality sock that will do the job and more.

Perfect socks for winter hunting and hiking. They are my first pair of wool socks and wish I had found these years ago. ...

Jess Spaulding

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What Are Slipper Gripper Socks?
  • Cushioned
  • Non-Skid
  • Wicks Away Moisture
  • Assorted Colors

ladies cushioned non-skid slipper socks in assorted colors. The foot platform is additionally cushioned with polypropylene for moisture management and additional support in the foot. The polypropylene wicks moisture away from your foot and adds that extra cushiony feel for comfort.


We use only the highest quality material to ensure both protection for your feet, but more importantly, an unsurpassed level of comfort, so essential when wearing a pair of socks for a lengthy period. As with all our socks, our XXL range is made from the best fibers we can source which together with the latest manufacturing technologies, ensure a sock that will last a very long time, no matter what you put it through. If you love the outdoors, a pair of Elder socks is what you will want to have on your feet, especially for their incredible cold weather comfort in even the harshest of winter conditions. Let’s take a closer look at the Elder XXL sock range.

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Hiking and Hunting Socks For Cold Weather

ELDER Hosiery Mills, Inc. is a sock manufacturing company that distributes and makes socks right here in the USA. ELDER Hosiery was founded by the Elder family in 1919 as a greige goods knitting mill. Today, the business is still owned by the Elders and is managed by the brothers John and Delos Elder, Jr. Each has over 30 years of hosiery experience, specializing in high-quality hiking socks, athletic socks, military socks and comfortable work socks.

Over the past 30 years, We have developed the capacity and reputation as a manufacturer of heavyweight thermal socks. We specialize in thick and comfortable hiking socks, cold weather socks, merino wool socks and over the calf socks. ELDER Hosiery Mills has been instrumental in developing several thermal styles in conjunction with the Army Research Department for military use and has passed their rigorous testing and inspection procedures. ELDER has made socks for many national brands over the past 50 years including BVD socks, Fruit of the Loom socks, Keds, Dickies socks, Esquire, Wells Lamont, Field and Stream socks, Burlington, Jeffries, Legale, and Street Slouch, to name just a few. If you're looking for snow socks, extreme cold weather socks, thin or thick hiking socks, choose ELDER Hosiery, "We make great socks!"

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